Assistant Bootcamp with Jeremy Shaw | Melbourne

Learn how to be a supportive part of the professional photography process from highly regarded photo assistant-turned professional photographer, Jeremy Shaw.


The workshop focuses on offering insight into the world of photography assisting. Understand the role of the photography assistant, including expectations, pre-shoot, post-shoot and on set responsibilities; building an assistant kit; knowledge and proper handling of equipment; shoot workflow, rates and invoicing.

Jeremy will provide an overview of what you will need to have and know – both in your assistant kit and as an attitude – to be the ideal assistant. 

There will be a Q&A at the end of each day, ensuring you can ask any questions and get the most out of the experience.


Course Format:


10:00am: Workshop commences

12:00pm: Lunch 

2.30pm: Workshop wrap

Q&A for 30 mins until 3.00pm 


Topics covered:

  • Expectations
  • Safety
  • Roles
  • Assistant kit
  • Stands, frames, & light shapers
  • The shoot
  • Lighting equipment and cameras
  • Workflows
  • Invoicing/pricing
  • Q&A