Broncolor Announces Two New Products at Photokina 2018

Broncolor announces two groundbreaking new products at Photokina 2018.

Broncolor LED F160

Broncolor expands their continuous lighting range with a monolight-style LED unit that is compatible with all Broncolor light shapers - an innovative solution Broncolor has made possible for the very first time due to the product’s large angle of radiation and optimised light mixture.

Broncolor LED F160 photo studio lighting equipment

This LED light will give the same highlights, shadows & graduations producing images identical to images lit with flash, which will allow photographers to use just the one product for a wide range of shoots. When working with light shapers, the lamp acts like a flash lamp allowing photographers to continue working uninterrupted, creating a smooth and seamless workflow.

The individual colour temperature setting makes it possible to set additional creative controls, opening up a world of new moods and light characteristics.

The colour performance is built to the exact specifications that have established the Broncolor product range as the trusted leader in photographic lighting.

Broncolor F160 collection of photo studio lighting equipment

Key features

  • Compatible with entire range of broncolor light shapers
  • Outstanding Color Rendering Index (CRI) 97+ (with 5500 K even CRI 98.6!)
  • Constant power over the whole colour temperature range
  • Variable colour temperature (2800 up to 6800 K, in steps of 50)
  • Switch instantly between Daylight / Tungsten with dedicated shift key
  • Green / magenta setting (Tint)
  • Manual-focusing device
  • Compact housing
  • DMX (Digital Multiplex) & RDM (Remote Device Management) function
  • OLED display with excellent readability of display and high contrast
  • Comfort: Locking slider with locking function (keeping both hands free to remove or mount big softboxes)

Broncolor f160 LED light photography

Broncolor Scope D50

With the Scope D50, broncolor launches a unique, portable surface visualization system, which – by means of a digital image – reproduces absolute authenticity in the shape, color and texture of an object. The result can be viewed in any web environment and on any mobile device. This allows for on the spot digital recording of objects and artifacts that can be examined thoroughly at a later time.

The solution has been developed by broncolor and powered by Truvis, a digital and scientific start-up company that originated from the Digital Humanities Lab at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

The Scope D50 is the most advanced system of digitally experiencing surfaces. It takes multiple images which are then transformed into a mathematical surface model. This technology adds a whole new dimension to analysing a subject as opposed to studying flat photographs. Details that previously would have been lost can now contribute to a greater understanding of artifacts. Conveniently battery powered, the Scope D50 creates a new level of detail in research, creating more accurate reconstructions when studying objects.

Broncolor Scope D50 portable surface visualisation system.

"A wonderful moment for researchers. We can see now things that were in fact invisible before."
- Prof. Regine Hunziker-Rodewald, University of Strasbourg

More than digitalization

Based on 48 single images the powerful software creates a surface model.

More than photography

Unlike classical photography, the digital recording of the broncolor Scope D50 is not static but interactive.

More than lighting

The light that affects the object can be moved virtually, making it possible to display details that are barely visible to the naked eye.

Key features

  • 48 high-quality LEDs
  • Sophisticated capturing and processing software
  • Portable integrated solution
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth module for communication with the computer
  • Objects can be captured without a computer, too
  • Desktop or ground installation thanks to provided supporting feet
  • Can be mounted to a suitable stand (integrated tilt head)
  • Surfaces can be captured horizontally or vertically* (* e.g. the texture of a pillar)
  • Precise alignment thanks to integrated circular level
  • Bracket for all common camera types

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