Choosing Melbourne Locations for a Model Shoot

Big cities can offer the best of all worlds when it comes to doing photo shoots with models.

Obviously, you need to consider the context of the shoot – whether it’s art photography, a fashion shoot, or a business portfolio you’re making, and whether you’re looking for something straightforward, or a little left of centre.

Fashion shoots

You only have to thumb through fashion magazines to see that pretty much anything goes these days when it comes to locations. Leisure wear begs for beaches, marinas, parks, and the like, and with Melbourne’s extended coastline along the bay, you’ll find all three without having to travel too far.

Heritage buildings in older suburbs and the CBD will lend themselves to daywear, eveningwear, business clothes and casual lines. Those same styles can be juxtaposed with industrial locations for an edgy sizzle.

The Botanic Gardens and some of the older formal parklands like the Fitzroy Gardens are ideal for bridal wear and evening clothes.

Don’t forget Melbourne’s iconic laneways either – you can shoot just about any fashion in the laneways and make it look funky, edgy and relevant. There’s also the option of using photography studios. Melbourne, like any major city, has many options if you’re looking for studio space.

Art shoots

Where to start? The city can become your palette. From the Botanic Gardens to little known parks in the suburbs and surrounding areas, you can have your pick of formal, traditional, natural, lush or wide open spaces. The City of Melbourne website offers a guide to parklands that should give you some starting options if you’re looking for natural environments.

Industrial areas can offer all sorts of interesting elements for an art shoot. Try around the fringes of the CBD and all the building sites that are currently in progress. Port Melbourne and the docks can be fascinating – although you’ll have to work around what’s accessible to the general public before you go traipsing around.

The waterfront is another obvious choice and you have everything from Luna Park, to stretches of sand and rocks, marinas, historic baths, jetties, and the like. The possibilities are endless if you want to start experimenting with macro lenses, multiple exposures, time lapse or other techniques.

Of course, studios are not to be overlooked for art shoots either. Look at combining images taken in a photography studio, Melbourne locations, and abstract shots. If you need a photography studio in Melbourne, SUNSTUDIOS Australia has studios for hire.

Business shoots

Your location for business shoots will depend on the nature of the business. Whatever the location, you will need to approach the relevant people in plenty of time to organise the use of the space. Most of the time, they’ll probably be concerned mainly with OHS issues, and possible disruption while you’re there. You can alleviate these sorts of issues with proper planning. It’s also worth noting that you may need a permit for commercial shooting around Melbourne, so check with the local council in the area.


You can get lots of interesting shots using the most basic of equipment, but you might like to look at lens hire in Melbourne if you want to start experimenting with some new techniques – particularly with art shoots. Depending on what you need in the way of lens or camera hire in Melbourne, we can provide you with a range of options so you can try out new ideas.
Your imagination is really the key to how you best use the resources that Melbourne can offer in the way of locations for your model shoots. The city is rich with possibilities, think laterally and you’re sure to come up with something that will give you results that stand out.