Five of the best photography podcasts

Podcasts to keep photographers in conversation when distanced from others.  

A Small Voice: Conversations with Photographers

In-depth, fortnightly interviews with photographers that crosses genres and generations. UK presenter Ben Smith has a subdued and insightful manner that makes you feel like you're just to the side, sharing a beer.

Magic Hour: Conversations on Photography

Jordan Weitzman monthly discussions around process, history and philosophy of image making yield many memorable, repeat-listen conversations.

Keep the Channel Open

Covering a broad range of art and literature, Mike Sakasegawa is a photographer and writer who doesn't limit his inspiration to his own mediums. He shares what he learned about shared creative process from painters, novelists, short-story writers, poets, podcasters, gallerists, and more.

10 Frames Per Second

A weekly podcast exploring topics of photojournalism through the eyes of working photojournalists. Hosted by Elena Volkova (Professor of photojournalism at Stevenson University) and J.M. Giordano (a photojournalist) featuring guests and reviews.

The United Nations of Photography

Grant Scott's journey through current issues in photography, icons from history and modern talent.