Five Reasons to Light with Lupo


Italian made Lupo LED lights are known for combining high output and colour-accuracy with a multitude of features usually only available beyond its price point.

If you haven't used Lupo yet, here are five reasons to try.

1. High output

Compared to most panels of the same size, they tend to be almost twice as bright. This is due to the clever panel design, which incorporates tiny individual Fresnel lenses to boost and accentuate each LED bulb. As well as being high output they also draw little power for their brightness, meaning you can shoot longer when working battery operated.

A good example is the small on camera Lupo SmartPanel Dual-Colour, which offers 4,200 LUX at 1m and can run on NP-F type batteries. Measuring only 150 x 40 x 85mm and weighing in at just 300g, it's a very portable and powerful light for its size, competing with or beating many 1x1 panels you'll find on the market.


At 22,000 Lux at 1m, the Lupo SuperPanel's brightness makes it particularly popular with broadcast and news crews as a compact and powerful light source.

2. Consistent output

Beyond pure volume, Lupo's consistency across the colour spectrum has long set it apart as a brand. Commonly, LED panel manufacturers use alternate rows of bulbs to transition across the colour spectrum, leading to a loss of overall output in colours as a cost for versatility.

Lupo's build provides full power no matter what part of the spectrum you are working in.

3. Consistent colour

Alongside power, Lupo lights also have impressive consistency in colour rendition. The flagship Superpanel Full Color 60 cover a range of warm and cold white colour temperatures from 2800 K to 10000 K with premium colour rendering (96 average CRI and 97 average TLCI values).


4. Built to last – but not to weigh you down

Lupo products aren't all exactly light, but their range frequently weighs in below direct competition. This is largely due to the use of reinforced technopolymer casing – achieving high durability while keeping metal at a minimum.

This is notable in the Lupo Actionpanel Full and Dual Colour models. At only 205 x 205 x 105 mm and 2kgs Actionpanels pump out 13,000 Lux at 1 metre making them an affordable and versatile solution that can run on mains, V-Lock battery and can daisy chain with other lights using DMX control.

Critical when every gram adds up while building a kit, travelling for work or working alone or in a small crew.

5. Portable and cool

One of the huge advantages to working with powerful LEDs is saved time. Though equivalent in output to their tungsten counterparts, the Lupo DayLED 1000 5600K Fresnel is focusable, doesn't get hot, and can run on batteries.


This means you can use them anywhere – and at a whim – on stands or handheld. As they don't heat up, it doesn't need to be a big commitment to decide to use this light – and you won't slow down your crew waiting while it cools for de-rigging.

Portable and punchy, the Lupo range comes with a range of shapers to craft your light, at a price point that allows you more features than you thought possible at its price point.

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