Inspirational Chat #3: Colin Lucas Talks Canon EOS 5Ds

This week, we talk to Colin Lucas, our Sydney Rental Department Supervisor, to find out why he is so excited about the upcoming Canon EOS 5Ds. 

SUNSTUDIOS kicked off a four-week series of chats with professionals in the photographic industry to discover why they are excited about the new Canon EOS 5Ds and Canon EOS 5DsR.

This week, we talk to Colin Lucas, our Equipment Supervisor in Sydney as well as a passionate professional photographer and a videographer in the live music industry. Colin has been shooting stills for numerous live gigs and short films including music videos for many up and coming Australian indie musicians such as Sticky Fingers, Lulu Raes and Hedge Fund.

Hear Colin talk about why he has been telling his customers to get ready for the new Canon camera. Find out what Colin expects to capture in his upcoming shoots with the new features of the Canon EOS 5Ds.

Check out our third installment with Colin Lucas... Enjoy!

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If you want to know more about Colin and his photography, read this interview!

A little more on the Canon EOS 5Ds & Canon EOS 5DsR

Expanding the renowned EOS 5D series, the EOS 5Ds and the EOS 5DsR combine the image quality of medium format with the usability of the EOS system, providing an alternative to medium format cameras in the full-frame sensor market. The cameras break the boundaries of 35mm sensors, offering the highest megapixels ever seen in a Canon full-frame sensor - an astonishing 50.6 MP. Delivering unparalleled quality, the cameras provide an exceptional combination of resolution, responsiveness and durability, ideal for studio, commercial or landscape photography. When nothing but the sharpest image is demanded, the EOS 5DsR also features a low pass cancellation filter to maximise the sensor’s resolution and visible image quality.

EOS 5Ds Key features:

  • Provides an alternative to medium format with 50.6 MP CMOS sensor with dual DIGIC 6 processors
  • Up to 5.0 frames per second
  • 61-point AF deliver images of sharpness and accuracy
  • Three in-camera-crop shooting modes
  • 150K Pixel RGB+IR Metering Sensor with Flicker Detection