NEW IN RENTAL: Monitors, cameras, cages, gimbals

September brings a swag of new offerings now available through SUNSTUDIOS rental. 

With advance notice, all items available between both Sydney and Melbourne departments. 

Canon XF405 - $170/per day 

Your new favourite run-and-gun 4K ENG style camera.  Lightweight, versatile and compact the XF405 features Dual Pixel CMOS auto focus, 15 x optical zoom, built–in ND Filters and the ability to shoot 4K up to 60p. A must for documentary makers and news gathers.

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Canon XF405 4K video camera

Teradek ServPro: $90 per day

This wireless IOS monitoring device for video cameras allows up to 10 iOS and Android devices to monitor up to four camera feeds over WIFI. New to SUNSTUDIOS range and ideal for any videographer with a crew or client. 

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Teradek ServPro wireless IOS monitoring device for cinema and videography

SmallHD 702 Bright: $80 per day

Bright, sharp and rugged, this flagship 7” monitor has both HDMI and SDI inputs, is full HD and viewable in full sunlight. 

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Manfrotto Camera Cage with Wooden Camera handle $60 per day (Medium) |  $70  per day (Large)

SUNSTUDIOS is excited to offer new Award-Winning camera cages for user-friendly and steady hand-held shooting. This adaptable cage hires in both medium (carrying all mirrorless and DSLR bodies up to Canon 5DIV) and large (all mirrorless and DSLR including a battery grip). The large cage includes 15mm rod mounts.

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DJI Ronin-S $100 per day

This popular and light-weight gimbal system comes with battery grip and camera mouting plate for maximum hand-held stability.

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Light-weight gimbal system DJI Ronin S for maximum handheld stability,

Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS III $70 per day

Canon has refreshed one of its most popular lenses to include reduced flare and ghosting features while maintaining the beautiful bokeh and sharpness it has long been famous for. 

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Lupo Dayled 2000 Dual Colour Fresnel $95 per day

Light, powerful and sturdy the Dayled 2000, is the most powerful LED Fresnel of his category.

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Lupo SuperPanel LED - Bi-Colour Production Kit $140 per day

Extremely lightweight, compact and handy, the superpanel is ideal for use inside and outside the studio and can be powered by the mains or on v-mount batteries. With 22,000 Lux at 1 m you will have all the light power you need for your footage.

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