The Other Side of The SUN | Scott Stramyk

Hi, I am Scott Stramyk. I am a Technical Support Representative for Canon Professional Service (CPS).

Some of you may not know what CPS is. It’s an ultimate membership service for professional photographers offering so much benefit from priority servicing, discounts on parts and repairs, to connecting to a broader network of Canon photographic professionals.

You can find me every day at the CPS desk once you pass through the SUNSTUDIOS Sydney showroom and Canon printing room. Here at CPS, I assist and support photographers from emerging to professionals that have been in the industry for years. You can count on me with anything related to your photographic gear - maintenance, repairs, sensor cleaning, shooting trouble and even loans to purchase gear. If you have any problem with your equipment, come and chat with me - we can solve that issue.

I've been working in the photography industry for a while. I started working with Canon over 1 year ago and moved into CPS at SUNSTUDIOS Sydney earlier this year. Working for CPS has been a great opportunity for me to share experiences with professional photographers when they come in. It’s always fascinating to hear about their stories, world travels and industry news. 

The other thing I love about working here – is the location. The SUNSTUDIOS Sydney has a great vibe, the people and the atmosphere here are very inviting and it fuels my creative mind. It’s just a great creative hub for everyone to come together and express themselves, whether it would be shooting in the studios or just even thinking of new ideas to create into images.

I started in photography later than I would have liked. I fell in love with photography only after I left school. I enrolled myself into TAFE and immediately got hooked on photography from there. For me, photography is the way of capturing a moment in time and expressing myself the way I see something. I like having an open mind to what is around me and letting things grab my attention and photographing them, it is amazing what you can capture, when you open your eyes to creative possibilities.

I enjoy travelling and photographing the world. When I spend my time with friends or family and enjoying the fresh air, I always have my camera in hand. If I could give advice to a younger version of myself, or anyone who is thinking about photography, I would say “Pick up a camera sooner. Go out and shoot now”

Images © Scott Stramyk