Snap Shot #7: Connect your Canon EOS 5D Mark IV to your Smartphone

Snap Shot is a series of quick “how to” videos that demonstrate photographic tips and tricks on the gear you love to hire through our Rental Department. 

At SUNSTUDIOS, our rental departments in Sydney and Melbourne often receive curly questions regarding the set up and troubleshooting of gear scenarios and situations, concerning products big and small.

Most of the time the advice our team offers involves tips, tricks and hacks that can help get the job done faster and more effectively in studio and on location.

In an effort to continue to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and to share knowledge, SUNSTUDIOS brings back ‘Snap Shot’.

In previous Snap Shots our team have covered Tethering the Canon EOS 5Ds & 5DsR in Capture OneBroncolor HMI Safety TipsBroncolor HMI F1600 PAR KitHow To Use The Sunbounce Sun-MoverTriggering Flash and Broncolor Balloon.

In this installment, Dave highlights how to enable the WiFi settings and connect your Canon EOS 5D Mark IV to your smartphone. A feature that once used, you won't know how you lived without!

Snap Shot #7: Connect your Canon EOS 5D Mark IV to your Smartphone from SUNSTUDIOS on Vimeo.