Strange Nuance: Sarah Pannell | SUN Editions featured artist


Sarah Pannell’s signature aesthetic is marked by a gentle curiosity which translates everyday moments into cinematic vignettes.


She spoke to Sunroom about her new limited edition print collection exclusively available through SUN Editions, a new curated online photography gallery by SUNSTUDIOS Australia.


Valley of the Kings by Sarah Pannell | Limited editions fine art prints exclusively available through SUN Editions

What motivates you to pick up a camera?

My obsession with documenting the world around me and the strange nuances of everyday life.

Although I am drawn to interesting and spectacular scenery and events, I find myself more concerned with day-to-day life - vignettes of the ordinary. It's these moments I find most beautiful and encapsulating.

I hope viewers are able to reflect on and appreciate these simple pleasures. Some of my most precious memories are ordinary in essence, but worth celebrating nonetheless.

Which lessons or shoot experiences that have resonated most, or impacted the way you work in photography?

Where I draw inspiration and motivation from is constantly evolving. Watching films (at the cinema and at home) is probably my favourite way to learn more about shooting.

As far as practical experience goes, I've learned the most on assignments where I have thrown myself in the deep end and need to just follow my gut and work out a way forward. In saying this, as far as mentors go, I find a constant source of inspiration in the people around me; fellow photographers and artists in Melbourne and those who I admire and follow online.

I've been lucky to meet a lot of interesting artists (and non-artists) on my travels, particularly in places like Iran where I've been exposed to a completely foreign industry of incredible practitioners and subjects. I draw a lot of inspiration through conversation and viewing their unique works.

I think it's important to immerse yourself in other people's work.


Across the Nile by Sarah Pannell | Fine art prints available exclusively through SUN Editions

Travel is a regular theme in your work but travel without a fixation on the exotic, or elsewhere as "other". Do you have strategies for accessing or falling into pace with an environment or culture, or is it largely instinct?

I find it is largely instinctual and common sense. I have been fortunate enough to travel for a lot of my adult life and you learn so much when you're on your own and making new friends everywhere you go.

It's taught me a great deal about who I am and what my values are. I believe this plays into my creative practice and informs my work in a big way.

Treat others as you would like to be treated. t's about respect. Documenting other people's spaces is a privilege and needs to be done with a great deal of sensitivity - I'm still learning.


Windwashed by Sarah Pannell | Fine art prints available exclusively through SUN Editions

What can you tell us about your SUN Editions imagery and why you've chosen to present this collection?

This is a selection of works which I shot between 2018 and 2020 in Egypt, Ireland and Latvia. The connection between these places are more or less myself and the unique and interesting locations I have found myself over the past few years.

When I think about the types of visuals I would like to have hanging in my home, I think of escape; in a positive sense. I want to be transported while in the safety and comforts of my home or office.

When I look at Windwashed (2018) I'm reminded of the brisk, Atlantic coast winds which lashed the homes I passed by, with this place in particular standing out due to the wind-battered tree branches. It was a beautiful day but a chilly spring wind persisted so much so that I had to shoot this on my fastest shutter speed to avoid camera shake.

Sinai Sunrise (2018) was my first morning in Egypt, after having arrived the night before. Waking up and walking down for sunrise over the red sea was a truly unforgettable moment. The golden light which reached across in all directions was mesmerising.


Sinai Sunrise by Sarah Pannell | Fine art prints available exclusively through SUN Editions

What have been your most meaningful moments in your career or practice to date?

Forging connections with people I have met and photographed in Iran as part of an ongoing body of work. My book Tabriz to Shiraz was the first chapter I released in book form in early 2019. Seeing this work published was very special and being able to return to Iran several months later and share the work with the people that made the book possible was heart-warming.

I'm not sure how or why Iran became such a fascination for me, but the people I have met there and the experiences I've had travelling around the country have really left their mark.

Aside from these moments, a career highlight thus far was having my work exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria in 2019 as part of the group exhibition "Civilisation". It was an incredible show with work by many role models of mine so it was a surreal moment when I was invited to take part.

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Road to the Red Sea by Sarah Pannell | Fine art prints available exclusively through SUN Editions