Superior Seamless Carnation Pink Paper Roll 2.7 x 11m

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Superior Seamless Carnation Pink Paper Roll 2.7 x 11m

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Superior Seamless Paper Rolls are the professionals' choice for a range of creative and advertising applications such as photographic backdrops, video shoots, theatrical sets and visual merchandising displays to name a few. Browse SUNSTUDIOS collection of Superior Seamless paper rolls online and get a hire quote today.

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Superior Seamless is known for excellent quality and a wide assortment of vivid colours.

Superior Seamless Paper is used to create theatrical sets, visual merchandising displays, special event environments, and photographic backgrounds / backdrops.

Superior has established a standard of quality which has allowed us to become the leading seamless paper supplier throughout the world. Superior Seamless Papers are manufactured under rigid specifications ensuring consistent vibrant colours with a non-reflective surface.

Superior Specialties has been producing Seamless Background Papers for the photographic and display industries for over 50 years.

2.7 x 11m (W x L)