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Terms of Sale

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Terms and Conditions of Studio and Equipment Hire

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Terms and Conditions of CPS Coupon Codes

Each voucher must be used in one transaction only. If you use the voucher towards any purchase totalling less than $150, you will not be able to access the remaining balance later. Voucher may be used to purchase multiple products as long as these are included in the same transaction. Voucher may also be used towards purchases costing more than $150 where the customer pays the balance. The voucher will expire on 01.07.2023

Terms and Conditions of Canon Autumn Cash Back

The Promotion is open to individual Australian residents only (“Eligible Participants”). Make an Eligible Camera purchase from SUNSTUDIOS Australia between 04/03/2021 and 02/05/2021 to claim an Autumn Cash Back. Only one Cash Back may be claimed per household. Canon Australia Autumn Cash Back 2021 available by claim only submitted by 02/05/2021. Cash Back will be deposited in consumers nominated bank account within Australia to the Eligible Participant following a successful claim. Original receipt and serial number of Eligible is required to make a claim. Each authorised retailer stocks different models and stocks of some models may be limited – contact your retailer for details. See canon.com.au/2021autumn (or in store) for information on Eligible Cameras, the specified lens available for each Eligible Camera, how to claim, and full Terms and Conditions.