Tim Jones and Lucky Lartey by Sergio Martin

Melbourne Broncolor Satos Workshop with Tim Jones

Tim Jones and Lucky Lartey by Sergio Martin

This technical workshop on the new Broncolor Satos and Pulso L range will help photographers unearth new and innovative ways of working, presented by Tim Jones.

Participants will learn about Broncolor's next generation of power packs and lights, with a focus on flexible lighting controls such as high-speed sync (HSS), continuous lighting mode and dual power management.

The workshop features dancer and choreographer, Lucky Lartey, whose intercultural dance practices are captured within the shoot demonstrations. 


Image by Tim Jones

Key topics:


Satos - 

  • Dual Power Management
  • High-Speed Sync (HSS)
  • New Flash Curve
  • New User Interface/App

Pulso L - 

  • Bidirectional Communication
  • Continuous Light Mode (LED)
  • Hybrid Lighting System (LED and Flash)
  • Adjustable Flash Colour Temperature
  • Flexibility per Channel

Image by Sergio Martin

Participants will walk away with an understanding of:

  • The key differences between Scoro and Satos 
  • The key differences between Pulso L and G
  • The benefits of using a dual power management system
  • How to shoot HSS
  • Grasp flash, LED and bi-colour modelling light features
  • How to mix a flash-light with continuous LED with one pack


Who should attend

Photographers, assistants and industry professionals. This workshop is suited to all photographers looking to explore how the innovative Broncolor Satos can enhance their craft whether on location or in studio.



Image by Sergio Martin


About the presenter
Tim Jones is a Sydney-based lifestyle and industry photographer who has been refining his craft for over 20 years, working with clients such as Commonwealth Bank, Volkswagan, Sydney Water and Optus.


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