Hire Before You Buy

Hire Before You Buy

Hire a piece of equipment through SUNSTUDIOS and if you decide to purchase, we will take a full day hire fee off the purchase price of that piece of equipment.

You might be interested in hiring a DSLR Camera, test the latest Broncolor monolight or a rent a new light shaper... why not make that decision easier by taking advantage of this piece of mind offer? Extending across our full range of Canon, Broncolor and Lupo products - the opportunity to take your next product on a hire test-run before commiting to the purchase is only available at SUNSTUDIOS.

To find out more please contact our sales team in Sydney and Melbourne:



ph 02 9641 5555



ph 03 8695 9700

Terms and conditions

  • Hire Before You Buy is available on Canon Rentals, Lupo and Broncolor products.
  • Product must be available in our Equipment Hire inventory. Please note not all Retail products and brands are available to Hire.
  • 1-day hire charge is deducted off the final product purchase price (not applicable for longer hires). The customer can hire the item for longer but only 1-day hire fee is taken off the invoice price. 
  • Purchase must be made within 30 days from when the item is returned to Equipment Hire.
  • The offer only applies on the purchase of the equipment hired.
  • The offer is valid on the full price of the hire item.
  • If the customer is new, they must complete the full new customer application process.