Eizo Monitors Available for Rent or Purchase

Now you can rent and purchase Eizo Monitors, the best monitor for photo editing in the market, at SUNSTUDIOS.

SUNSTUDIOS is very excited to announce that Eizo monitors are now available for purchase and rent in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Eizo ColorEdge monitors offer a wide range of editing monitor options for high quality image based projects. Providing the most advanced features and best quality monitors including true-to-life reproduction of photographic images, great accurate colour reproduction, and vibrant, bright displays, Eizo have a great reputation in the industry.

Eizo monitors provide the easiest way to callibrate to specific contrast ratios to match papers. This can be done with its integrated direct hardware calibration ColorNavigator software and built-in Colorimeter. Even better... Eizo provides a comprehensive warranty and tech support when you purchase a monitor. 

You can purchase the Eizo ColorEdge CG and the Eizo ColorEdge CX at SUNSTUDIOS in both Sydney and Melbourne. Or perhaps try it before you buy it - our rental team in Sydney have a Eizo ColorEdge CG277 for daily rental, so you can familiarise yourself with the benefits of Eizo before making the final product purchase.

The Eizo ColorEdge CG Range:

  • Monitor for top professionals
  • 24" & 27" size available
  • Excellent for keeping colours consistent 
  • Wide gamut monitors with hood
  • ColorNavigator included
  • Built-in Colorimeter - performs full calibration
  • 5 years/30,000 hours warranty

Eizo ColorEdge CG247 calibrated monitors for imaging professionals 

Eizo ColorEdge CG247 - The Most Popular Model Available

Eizo ColorEdge CG277 calibrated monitors for imaging professionals 

Eizo ColorEdge CG277

Available for Rent in Sydney. $140 per a day

The Eizo ColorEdge CX Range:

  • Monitor for top professionals
  • 24" & 27" size available
  • Wide gamut monitor
  • Hood available for optional purchase
  • ColorNavigator included
  • Built-in corr'n sensor
  • EX2 colorimeter available for optional purchase
  • 5 years/30,000 hours warranty


If you have more questions, please get in touch with our Sales and Rental teams in Sydney or Melbourne:


ph 02 9641 5555


ph 02 9641 5533


ph 03 8695 9700