Running with Wolves: A photographic exhibition by Clare Plueckhahn


Clare Plueckhahn’s award winning photography series ‘Running With Wolves’ comes to SUNSTUDIOS Sydney’s Atrium Gallery.


Following a well-received Melbourne showing; director & photographer Clare Plueckhahn’s powerful series ‘Running With Wolves’ that explores the wild feminine archetype has just announced its Sydney show at SUNSTUDIOS, November 8 - 22 2019.


The opening night is proudly sponsored by: The Hidden Sea Wines, Capi, Platter Up Co, Patient Wolf Gin, Fini & JCP. 


Drawing on Jungian psychoanalyst Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ groundbreaking 1992 text on the wild feminine archetype, Plueckhahn presents nature, commonly prefixed with ‘mother,’ as pre-Anthropocene – “volatile and wild”.


The series is viewed as a collection of pairs – one photograph inhabited by the presence of a woman, the other barren, so to speak. The women are of the earth, not imposed on it nor crudely juxtaposed; they recall their sharp instincts, honed pre-civilisation. Plueckhahn’s photographs refer not just to Pinkola Estés’ archetype, but to creative cycles in both human endeavour and nature: life and death, growth and erosion.


The world is so full of hyper-sexualised portrayals of women, and I ultimately want the viewer to observe the feminine the way we would a wild animal – with awe and respect.’

– Clare Plueckhahn


The Exhibition opens on Friday November 8 and continues until November 22 at SUNSTUDIOS Sydney’s Atrium Gallery - 42 Maddox St, Alexandria, NSW 2015.

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8:00am - 4.00pm



Clare Plueckhahn is a multidisciplinary artist whose practise spans across a range of mediums including photography, film, original idea generation and creation. Currently represented by Guilty Content, she is one half of the creative collaboration 'Cos We Can' with Fran Derham. Clare is also a new mother to twin girls Frederika Fox and Milla Margot.