Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera Body

Hire From $350.00 per day
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Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera Body

Hire From $350.00 per day
  • 24.1MP Full Frame back-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor
  • Up to 8 Stops Coordinated Control IS with In-Body IS and lens based Optical IS
  • Eye Control AutoFocus
  • 30 frames per second continuous shooting with electronic shutter
  • Advanced subject tracking of humans, animals and motorsports
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The brand-new 24.1MP back-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor, is the heart of the EOS R3 along with the DIGIC X image processor. Working in combination, they achieve superb quality RAW files at up to 30fps, with full AF/AE tracking.


See. React. Respond

Canon’s unique Eye Control AF Technology gives you the ability to change focus points and start tracking a new subject quickly and reliably. This unmatched control is perfect for responding fast to constantly changing scenes.


Mastering Movement

The EOS R3 taking object-tracking capabilities to new heights with the added option of tracking cars and motorbikes making it perfect for motorsport shooters. The EOS R3 also features the people and animal AF tracking modes (including birds) that you can find in the EOS R5.


Super Stable Shooting

The EOS R3 has up to 8-stops of protection against camera shake with Image Stabilizer (IS)technology, which works together with the Optical IS built into many RF lenses, allowing photographers to shoot handheld in dim light or while using longer shutter speeds.


5.76MP EVF

The responsive electronic viewfinder (EVF) is ideal for blackout free burst shooting and easy subject tracking with fast refresh rate.


4.15 million dot 3.2” Vari-angle LCD

Enjoy the option to shoot from high and low angles, or shoot in portrait orientation with the variable-angle LCD monitor.


DIGIC X Image Processor

The EOS R3 reaches maximum shooting speeds with the DIGIC X’s high-speed processing.


Optical Smart Controller

Achieve faster and more intuitive selection of autofocus points using the smart controller optical device, which is built into the AF on button.


Multi Controller (AKA AF Joystick)

Canon’s EOS R3 features a multi controller that enables familiar, quick and intuitive selection and adjustment of the AF frame.


Vertical shooting controls

Shooting in portrait orientation with EOS R3 is ergonomic and instinctive with an integrated vertical grip with complete 2nd set of controls


Magnesium Alloy Body

The EOS R3’s tough body is sealed to the same level as Canon’s EOS 1D series, ensuring that it can withstand the rigours of professional use.


LP-E19 Battery

Powered by the same high-capacity LP-E19 battery as you’ll find in the EOS-1D X Mark III for the ability to share between models.


Dual Card Slots

The dual card slots allow files to be rapidly written to CFexpress Type B or SD UHS II media.

Lens mount
Lens mount RF mount
Compatible Lenses Canon RF lens group and Canon EF & EF-S lenses (when using EF-EOSR lens mount adapter)
Lens Focal Length Same as focal length indicated on the lens *using EF-S lenses: Approx 1.6 time the indicated focal length
Type Full-frame back illuminated stacked CMOS sensor
Effective pixels (max. approx. megapixels) Approx 24.1MP
Aspect Ratio 3:2
Colour Filter Type RBG Primary Colour Filter
Low Pass Filter Yes
Dust Delete Features Self-cleaning sensor unit; Manual clean supported; Dust delete data acquisition and appending
Recording media
Card 1 CFexpress
Card 2 SDXC / SDHC / SD
Recording Format DCF2.0, Exif2.31, Supports time difference information
Still photo recording
Image type JPEG/HEIF/RAW (CR3 Canon 14-bit RAW format)/C-RAW
Image Quality L, M, S1, S2, RAW, C-RAW
Pixels Recorded (rounded to the nearest 100,000) L (Large) Approx. 24mp (6000x4000)/M (Medium) Approx. 10.6mp (3984x2656)/S1 (Small 1) Approx. 5.9mp (2976x1984)/S2 (Small 2) Approx. 3.8mp (2400x1600) / RAW Approx. 24mp (6000x4000) /C-RAW Approx. 24mp (6000x4000)
Maximum Burst (electronic shutter) HEIF (L) CFexpress: 460, SD UHS II: 450 / JPEG (L) CFexpress: 540, SD UHS II: 530
Maximum Burst (mechanical shutter) RAW (L) CFexpress: 1000+, SD UHS II: 290 / HEIF (L) CFexpress: 1000+, SD UHS II: 1000+ / JPEG (L) CFexpress: 1000+, SD UHS II: 1000+
Dual Pixel RAW Not Supported
Crop / Aspect Ratio Cropped shooting and an aspect ratio can be set: Full frame, Approx. 1.6x (crop), 1:1 (aspect ratio), 4:3 (aspect ratio), 16:9 (aspect ratio)
File Name Preset code, User setting 1, User setting 2
Image creation and image processing
Picture Style Auto, Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Fine Detail, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, User Defined 1-3
White Balance Auto: Ambience priority, White priority / Preset: Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten light, White fluorescent light, Flash, Custom, Colour temperature setting (approx. 2500-10000 K)
Noise Reduction Applicable to high ISO speed shots and long exposures
Highlight Tone Priority Available
Lens Aberration Correction Peripheral illumination correction, Distortion correction, Digital Lens Optimizer, Chromatic aberration correction, Diffraction correction
Clarity Yes
Auto Lighting Optimizer Yes
Long exposure noise reduction Yes
High ISO speed NR Yes
Movie recording
MP4 recording Yes
CRM recording (RAW movies) Yes
Recording options RAW+MP4: Yes / Record to multiple: Yes
Movie recording size RAW – 6K: 60p/30p/24p RAW (Standard) / RAW (Light) | 8K DCI / UHD: No | 4K DCI / UHD: 60p/30p/24p, ALL-I / IPB (Standard) / IPB (Light) | Full HD: Yes, ALL-I / IPB (Standard) / IPB (Light)
Movie cropping 4K: Yes (DCI / UHD) / Full HD: Yes
Image quality RAW (Standard) / RAW (Light): Yes / Yes | ALL-I: Yes | IPB (Standard) / IPB (Light): Yes / Yes
High Frame Rate 4K DCI / UHD: Yes, ALL-I | Full HD: Yes, ALL-I
Canon Log / Canon Log 3 No / Yes
Time-lapse movies No
Movie digital IS Yes
Built-in microphone Monaural
External microphone input Yes - 3.5mm stereo mini jack
HDMI output for movie footage Yes
Standby: Low resolution (for movie recording) Yes
Continuous recording time available (maximum) Normal movies: 6 hr. 00 min. 00 sec. / High Frame Rate: 1 hr. 30 min. 00 sec.
Dot count (approx.) 5.76 million dots
Viewfinder refresh rate (max. fps) 119.88
Coverage (approx. %) 100
Magnification (approx. x) td> 0.76
Eyepoint (approx. mm) 23
Dioptric adjustment Yes
Brightness adjustment Yes
Color tone adjustment Yes
Fine-tuning color tone Yes
Optical viewfinder simulation Yes
Display simulation Yes
Vertical level indicator Yes
Fade / blackout display Yes
Dot count (approx.) 4.15 million dots
Brightness adjustment Yes
Color tone adjustment Yes
Monitor always off during shooting Yes
UI magnification via touch control Yes
Still photo shooting mode Fv / P / Tv / Av / M / BULB/ C1/C2 /C3
Movie recording mode P / Tv / Av / M / C1 / C2 / C3
ISO speed (still photos) Normal: 100 to 102400 / Expansion for lower speeds (ISO equivalent): L - 50 / Expansion for faster speeds (max. ISO equivalent): H - 204800
ISO speed (normal movies) Normal: 100 to 25600 / Expansion for faster speeds (ISO equivalent): H1: 102400
Metering brightness range Still photos (at 23°C/73°F, ISO 100): EV –3 to 20, Movies (at 23°C/73°F, ISO 100, center- weighted average metering): EV –1 to 20
Anti-flicker shooting Yes
HF(High frequency) anti-flicker shooting Yes
Multiple-exposure shooting
Multiple-exposure shooting Yes
Compatibility with all lenses Yes
HDR mode
Focus bracketing
Focus bracketing Yes
AF operation One-Shot AF / Servo AF
AF area (AF method) Spot AF | 1-point AF | Expand AF area: Above/below/left/right | Expand AF area: Around | Flexible Zone AF 1 / 2 / 3 | Whole area AF
AF area (Full-frame) Horizontal: Approx. 100%, Vertical: Approx. 100% | Horizontal: Approx. 90%, Vertical: Approx. 100% | Horizontal: Approx. 80%, Vertical: Approx. 80% | Horizontal: Approx. 40%, Vertical: Approx. 60%
Number of AF areas available for automatic selection AF Area Horizontal = Approx 100%; Vertical = Approx 100% Still photos Max 1053 zones (39x27) Movies Max 819 zones (39x21)
User selectable AF point positions (set to 1-point AF, selected using multi- controller) AF Area Horizontal = Approx 90%; Vertical = Approx 100% Still photos Max 4779 positions (81x59) Movies Max 3969 positions (81x49)
Focusing brightness range * Except RF lenses with a Defocus Smoothing (DS) coating Still photos (with an f/1.2 lens, center AF point, and One-Shot AF, at 23°C / 73°F and ISO 100) EV –7.5 to 20 Movies (with an f/1.2 lens, center AF point, and One-Shot AF, at 23°C / 73°F, ISO 100, and 29.97 fps) EV -4.5 to 20
Subject tracking All AF area modes
Subject detection People, Animals (dogs / cats / birds) , Vehicles (motorsports cars / motorcycles), None
Eye detection Yes
Spot detection (vehicle priority) Yes
Servo AF characteristics (in still photo shooting) Yes
Orientation-linked AF point: Point only / Area + point Yes / Yes
Register/return to home position Yes
Electronic full-time MF Yes
Eye control
Line-of-sight sensor (approx. pixels) 7560
Number of calibration data settings 6
Shutter mode Mechanical shutter, Electronic 1st curtain, Electronic shutter
Silent shutter function Yes
Shutter at shutdown Closed/Open
Shutter speed (sec.) Mechanical shutter: 1/8000 to 30 |Electronic 1st curtain: 1/8000–30 | Electronic shutter: 1/64000, 1/32000,1/16000, 1/12800, 1/10000, 1/8000 to 30
X-sync speed (sec.) Mechanical shutter: X-sync at 1/200 sec. | Electronic 1st curtain: X-sync at 1/250 sec. | Electronic shutter: X-sync at 1/180 sec.
Operating durability (Mechanical) 500,000 cycles
Image Stabilization (IS Mode)
Lens optical IS support Yes
In-body IS Yes
Coordinated control Yes
IS effectiveness, number of stops (Still photos, RF24-105mm F4 L Focal length (f) = 105 mm, Yaw/Pitch direction, CIPA standards compliant) 8.0
Movie digital IS Yes
Drive (max. approx. shots/sec.)
High-speed continuous shooting + Mechanical shutter: 12 Electronic 1st curtain: 12 Electronic shutter: 30
High-speed continuous shooting / continuous shooting Mechanical shutter: 6.0 Electronic 1st curtain: 8.0 Electronic shutter: 15
Low-speed continuous shooting Mechanical shutter: 3.0 Electronic 1st curtain: 3.0 Electronic shutter: 3.0
Timer shooting
Bulb timer Yes
Interval timer Yes
Movie self-timer Yes
Continuous shooting priority (CSP) mode Yes
E-TTL balance Yes
Continuous flash control Yes
Metered manual flash Yes
Browse images 2 methods
Voice memo Yes
Dual Pixel RAW processing No
RAW image processing Yes
HEIF→JPEG conversion Yes
Frame grab from movies 4K
Shutter release time lag Yes
Customize Quick Controls Yes
Save/load settings on card Yes
LCD panel (top / rear) mode Yes / No
Mode button Yes
Multi-controller Yes
Optical smart controller Yes
Quick control dial Yes (2)
Multi-function button Yes (2)
Vertical camera controls Yes
Button illumination (backlight) Yes
Multi-function shoe Yes
Digital terminal USB Type-C
HDMI output terminal Type D
Remote control terminal N3
System extension terminal No
Ethernet terminal RJ-45
External microphone input terminal Yes
Headphone terminal Yes
Battery pack LP-E19